Wealth Through Real Estate: Investor Loans As Low As 5.125%, No Loan Fees

Building wealth through real estate is one of the most secure forms of securing your financial future. Here another in our real estate investment series. Many investors have had to use private lenders for their financing needs. These private lenders, also referred to as “hard money” lenders charge pretty steep interest rates as high as 15%.

Here we cover an option that I believe will help a lot of investors save thousands up front by avoiding lender fees and with rates starting low as 5.125% the savings really add up.

Building Wealth Through Real Estate: Financing

Since its launch in March 2017, Keller Mortgage has already saved clients more than $12 million with it’s ZeroPlus loan and their service record speaks for itself. The ZeroPlus loan is exclusive to KW transactions and offers zero lender fees plus a $1,000 credit if the mortgage is over $150,000.  Typical lender fees run 1%-2% of loan amounts. So on a $200,000 loan, you could easily save over $2,000-$4,000 and keep that in your pocket.

As a technology-based program and the fact that Keller Williams is uniquely positioned as the largest real estate company in the world, the money saved on marketing and office rents, etc, are passed directly on to you!

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The table below demonstrates where cash savings for consumers are achieved when using Keller Mortgage.

Rate chart using KW ZeroPlus mortgage
Rate Chart Using KW ZeroPlus Lending Program

No Upfront Fees…

Your appraisal will be ordered on day 1 of contract resulting in the avoidance of up to a 14 day delay caused by the timing of a home inspection and remedy period. Vs. Most lenders do not order the appraisal until several weeks after the initial home inspection period.

Pre-Approval confirmation email copy on a $200,000 purchase
Here’s an actual Pre-Approval confirmation email on a $200,000 purchase.
Wealth Through Real Estate - Rental Profits Blueprint

Should any issues arise during the home inspection or remedy process that causes you to remove yourself from the contract, the cost of the appraisal will be covered by Keller Mortgage. Vs. Most lenders charge the appraisal as a non-refundable fee.

Unlike the majority of lenders, the cost of the appraisal is not incurred until closing as part of the total monies due. Most lenders charge this fee up front.

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Low, Low Rates! 

Many investors often have to use private lenders otherwise known as hard money lenders. These rates are typically 9% and above. However, Keller Williams mortgage program is offering investors rates starting at 5.25%. This is a huge savings! Here are the particulars: 

  • Min score 620
  • 20% down
  • Close in 21 days or later.
  • Conventional financing SF or MF (1-4 Units).
  • The property must be habitable as is.
  • No more than 10 financed residential properties. 
  • No limit on commercial properties.
  • Show 6 months reserved at closing.
  • Each loan calculated independently.
  • Self-employed is ok. Last 2 years tax returns. 
  • Pre-approval good for 30 days.
  • Must pass appraisal “as is”. Appraiser will also calculate projected rental income.
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Work With An Experienced Realtor/Investor

It’s not easy to find a Realtor who has actual “hands-on” experience buying, rehabbing, flipping and/or holding income property. Typically, property managers must hold real estate licenses. However, managing real estate is a whole other animal.

When you’re searching for investment property your best bet is to work with a Realtor who “speaks your language”, knows what to look out for, what information you’ll need and how to get it, what questions to ask Sellers, rental rates in the area, etc.

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If you’re just starting out, building a mutually beneficial relationship with a Realtor/Investor is worth more than gold. They can help you avoid costly pitfalls and guide you along the way for as long as you’ll need them. That’s what I offer my clients. I cover portions of southeast Michigan where income properties are plenty if you know where to look.

Wealth building through real estate just got easier using KW ZeroPlus mortgage program.
Home Buyers Are Saving Thousands With Keller Williams ZeroPlus Loans

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ZeroPlus?

ZeroPlus is a mortgage program offered to home buyers and real estate investors looking to purchase real estate. 

  • Zero Lender Fees
  • Plus $1,000 Toward 3rd Party Costs*
  • Plus Low, Low Rate
  • *$1,000 credit on loans $150K+

The ZeroPlus Program is EXCLUSIVE to Keller Williams Transactions only. Meaning that you must be purchasing a property that is listed with a Keller Williams brokerage OR working with a KW real estate agent to purchase property.

How Can I Access The Program?

There are 3 Simple Steps to the ZeroPlus program:

  • Text “KW404SKK” to 87778 to download the free app.
  • Click the “Keller Mortgage, Save Thousands” button
  • Complete the process in minutes.

Can I refinance with ZeroPlus?

Yes, refinances are a part of the ZeroPlus program, as long as you were referred by a Keller Williams agent and begin the process through their KW app.

Is it safe to upload my personal information through the app?

Yes, it is completely safe to upload your documents through this portal.  Data is encrypted to allow you to give Keller Mortgage the information we need to FULLY pre-approve you, securely and quickly. This way, you can be on your way to closing as quickly as possible!

We encourage you to do your best!  The more information a loan officer can gather up front, the quicker you will be FULLY pre-approved!

If you are truly stuck, you will be given a customer service email when you begin the pre-approval process, that can help you with your questions.  If you chose, you may simply move on and your loan officer can walk you through once you’ve clicked “Submit”.

How does ZeroPlus offer a stronger Pre-Approval?

Keller Mortgage encourages buyers to submit a complete loan application and their financial docs, right up front. Not only does this give you the strongest pre-approvals, but upon getting financial docs, we will have an underwriter review your application within 24 hours.

That puts you in the best position to make a stronger offer when you find that perfect investment.

What’s the difference between an Pre-Qualification and a Pre-Approval?


Don’t be fooled. Pre-qualifications are usually just a conversation between you and a loan officer. These conversations ask basic questions and guess what kind of buyer you are, and what you can qualify for in a home.  These pre-qualifications can often lead to late or even cancelled closings.


Keller Mortgage offers you a contract winning pre-approval. These pre-approvals include:

  • Verified documentation of the borrower
  • The ability to confidently shop with your KW agent in the correct price range.
  • Secure a STRONG pre-approval letter so that you can confidently put in an offer on your next purchase.
  • A stress free process to closing.
  • What’s the minimum loan amount? 
  • The minimum loan amount is $65,000. We can only offer $1,000 credit on loan amounts $150,000+
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Building wealth through real estate is doable! It may be something new but you can definitely learn how. There are a lot of different site out there but my best recommendation is Bigger Pockets Investors Guide. Feel free to share your own experiences, questions and comments here.

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