Tips To Sell Your House Fast

Applying the 80/20 Rule to sell a house quick. 

Have you heard of Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 rule? It applies to nearly every industry in existence today. Basically, it states that 20% of effort produces 80% of the results. So, for instance, 20% of sales representatives generate 80% of sales or 20% of customers account for 80% of revenue. 

Here in “Tips To Sell Your House Fast”, we’ll discuss how you can apply the same 80/20 rule to selling a house quick. Basically, you focus and highlight only 20% of the properties’ best features.

When generating online advertising for the sale of a house, the focus should be on the 20% of the properties best features. This will increase value over price in the buyer’s mind.

A house won’t sell based on its common features with other local area properties. A house will sell quickly if it can clearly offer something that the others don’t.

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Therefore, your selling point should always highlight the “bonuses” on the property. Bonuses can include an all-season enclosed porch, an inground pool, lakefront property or view, newly remodeled kitchen, a bonus room, solar panels, etc. You get the idea.

Tips to sell your house fast
Things To Consider When Selling Your House

So, What Makes You Different?

Home buyers are looking out for unique features that will stand out from the competition. Spotlight your homes unique features in photos and marketing copy. 

Look every home has it’s own unique features. So first identify what those features are. What does your house offer that your neighbors don’t? Here are some ideas:

  • Lake views, hilltop views, mountain views, skyline views, ocean views, pond views, sunrise/sunset views, etc.
  • Private yards, acreage, fenced in areas for pets, wildlife visits for nature lovers, garden areas, pole barns for extra storage.
  • Cul-de-sac, corner lot, frontage, circular driveway, professional landscaping, water feature, attached garage, golf membership, swim association, nearby schools.
  • Finished basement, wet bar, walkout, paver patio, trek deck, extra storage, hardwood floors (nicely polished look great in photos), new carpeting, spacious laundry room (make sure there’s shelving there), etc.
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Being Pro-Active Pays

Taking the time to uncover your home’s uniqueness will pay off in more showings and a quicker sale. Before placing your house on the market, quickly visit similar homes currently for sale (and that you’ll likely be competing with) and make note of their features as compared to yours.

Remember, the goal is not to identify those things that are similar to others, but rather list the few things that set you apart. If you need to to make some improvements that’s fine but don’t go overboard.

Don’t spend thousands on finishing your basement just prior to listing it for sale. That’s a common misconception homeowners make and you may not get your money back in the price of the house.

It’s always a good idea to spruce things up such as a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting, add shelving to closets, mudroom or laundry room. If you need to replace the sliding door, then replace it with the kind that have shades blinds built-in between the glass.

Also, consider updating some lighting fixtures or adding a ceiling fan. Small things like these can make a big difference.

Nip It In The Bud

When is the last time you had your furnace serviced? If it’s been longer than 12 months, get it done. Same for septic systems. If it hasn’t been pumped in the last two years, I’d highly recommend you call a septic company to pump. As part of their service, they will also give it a quick inspection. Getting the all-clear in writing will put buyers at ease.

Seriously, consider hiring a home inspector to go through your house prior to listing it for sale.  Identifying and addressing issues as a preventative measure will make the sale of your house pain-free.

Addressing these issues upfront also sends a good strong signal to potential buyers that the property has not been neglected and therefore there’s less likely hood that something big will crop up down the road. We each worry about things like that, don’t we?

This is so very important and gives you the peace of mind knowing that a buyer’s inspection of your house will go smoothly with no major issues to threaten the sale.

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Value Over Price Every Time

Buyers make their decisions based on value first, price second. What does house A offer that house B does not? It’s not just price that becomes the deciding factor because a large portion of home buyers are willing to pay more if they feel they are getting much more value.

Buyers will often pay more for location too. For instance, a house on a more secluded acre or large frontage as opposed to another house comparable in size and interior features but closer to the street. 

Perceived value varies from one buyer to the next. Your private backyard has beautiful mature trees throughout. One buyer may love that feature and the privacy it affords them whereas another buyer would dread having to rake it all up come Fall.

Another example is an in-ground pool. Some people would be sold on the idea of having family gatherings, entertaining friends during the summer months, kids would love it, etc. However, another person would see it only as a seasonal perk you can only use for two months out of the year and expensive to maintain.

How Much Should You List For?

Maybe it’s time to make a change. Wondering how much you can list your house for sale? The best way to do that is to look at the numbers. A Realtor will look at your home, take note of all improvements and the condition of the house as well as it’s location and any other features it has to offer.

This is why it’s so important to have a local Realtor come to your property and see it for themselves. Using this information, they’ll be better able to compare your property with what’s currently listed for sale, what’s sold recently in your area and which ones have failed to sell and at what price. There’s a lot that goes into this type of report. However, if you’d like to get a pretty good price range along with a list of active homes for sale in your area, click to visit my “How Much?” page.

Pricing Strategy

Market value is defined as the price that a willing, ready and able buyer is willing to pay and that the seller is willing to accept. Realtors are your best source of information in this regard.

They have access to listing systems and records of homes that are actively for sale, those that expired and the ones that sold, sold price and dates as well as old listing photos. All of which must be taken into consideration when determining a starting asking price. Using as much available data as possible still only gives you a “best guess” estimate. There are no hard and fast rules to pricing.

A Comparative Market Analysis can be obtained through a real estate professional and is crucial to a quick sale. It’s the crux to any strategic pricing strategy. Completely correctly, this report will also limit the chance of your house being under appraised by lenders.

As a Realtor, I employ “a strategic pricing” strategy with a clear plan on starting price and scheduled price adjustments when needed. The first weeks of any new listing are critical.

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The level of interest during those two weeks is a good indicator as to your current price point. It tells you whether or not you’re in the ballpark or off in the outfield. Few showings and no offers indicate your way off the mark and need to make an adjustment quickly.

Many showings but still no offers mean that although there is a demand for the area, you not providing enough value in relation to your competition in nearby neighborhoods. Again, a price adjustment may need to be considered.

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Tips to sell house fast

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7 Responses

  1. Very well set out and explained how to sell your home and what is on offer and where people like what areas people like and the areas people like to live, there is everything explained and very clearly laid out so that everyone understands. Also explained very clearly is what attracts people to areas and the percentages.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Tracey! I really appreciate your comments. I’m guessing that real estate is pretty different than here in the USA.

  3. Bob says:

    I love your house tips! They seem really helpful for selling fast. I’ll have to consider your tips so that we can move in the future.

  4. I’m thankful that you brought up the fact that it is important to do research into the average market price when putting a house onto said market. My wife and I are interested in moving out of the country as fast as possible. We’ll be sure to make our home look as appealing as possible and contact a real estate agent.

  5. Frank Ball says:

    It’s good to learn that buyers make decisions based on value over price when looking for a home. My wife and I are wanting to move closer to my family and we were wondering how we can sell our house quickly. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should improve the value of our home so we can sell it fast.

    • Annette says:

      Hi Frank, A word of caution. Make sure you do not spend too much on improvements. Have a local Realtor give you an estimate of your current value and if they are any good they should also be able to guide you in what improvements will give you the best return. Generally, speaking, fresh paint on the walls, newer appliances, kitchen & bath updates tend to have the greatest appeal to homebuyers. Another tip is to pay a home inspector to go through so that you can nix any potential issues ahead of time. Best of luck to you!

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