Home Buyer/Investor Secrets: Skip The Fees!

Since its launch in March 2017, Keller Mortgage has already saved clients more than $12 million with it’s ZeroPlus loan and their service record speaks for itself:

The ZeroPlus loan is exclusive to KW transactions and offers zero lender fees plus a $1,000 credit if the mortgage is over $150,000. It does not only make working with Keller Williams associates even more competitive in the field, it really has each of their clients’ best interests in mind.

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Lender Fees Cost You Thousands

Text NO FEES to 444999 or Click here

Our rates usually beat traditional lender rates and with zero fees, we are truly saving you thousands!

By comparison, typical lender fees are 1–2%. On a $300,000 loan, that’s $3,000–$6,000. Typical fees that are piled on top of your mortgage. Using Keller Williams Zero Plus loan program you pay:

  • ZERO Processing Fee
  • ZERO Origination Fee
  • ZERO Application Fee
  • ZERO Rate Lock Fee
  • ZERO Underwriter Fee

Type of Loans

We offer core loan programs that help 90% of home buyers. We offer Conventional Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans with the minimum 3% downpayment.

  • Government loans
  • FHA loans
  • VA
  • USDA
  • Refinance

We also offer Jumbo Loans up to $3 Million with in-house underwriting on all of these. KWConnect.com for a list of what they do and do not offer.

Here’s The Plus

After the $1,000 credit at closing for loans over $150,000. Plus a LOW, LOW INTEREST RATE Even on refinances!

The ZeroPlus Loan from Keller Mortgage be used to purchase residential homes as well as investment properties. It can even be used to refinance the mortgage on your home at a lower interest rate.

Why pay thousands in lender fees when you don’t have to?

Get Started In Three Easy Steps

STEP ONE: Download the free Keller Williams App or click here to get started. The first thing you’ll see is a branded site with the KW Mortgage Application process. Look for then click on the “Keller Mortgage Save Thousands” Button on the main screen (usually along the bottom right) to get started or the “Get Pre-Approved Button” in the listing details section on KW listings.

STEP TWO: The first form you’ll see the Affiliated Business Arrangement (ABA). Here’s where you begin to create an account. Rest assured you stop and save where you left off and continue later on. You can regularly check your progress through the client portal accessible within the app.

It’a self-guided portal with tips and guides along the way. It also digitally integrates to access Read-only information, saving you time, money and resources.  To maintain your security all data is encrypted.

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STEP THREE: Once the application has been submitted, an experienced KW loan officer will be your single point of contact.

Keller Williams also have upfront underwriters review the file even before a contract is written to make sure everything needed is ready to move forward when you are.

Keller Mortgage is revolutionizing the mortgage process. We provide a technology solution with a sustainable model to save you thousands of dollars.

Rental Property Profits Blueprints

Once you’ve found your perfect home and have a signed purchase agreement, Keller mortgage orders an appraisal almost immediately. If the contract is canceled Keller Mortgage absorbs the appraisal cost. It is NOT passed on to you, the borrower.

Our Clients Are Winning

Christina Lopez of Burleson, Texas, is a consumer that has experienced the benefits of Keller Mortgage. Within 30 days, she and her husband were able to close on their new home and save $5,400 in the process.

“Previous lenders just weren’t very organized. What made us nervous was that what they were telling us over the phone was different than what was in writing. Sure enough, they had all kinds of fees piled on top of our purchase price which added another $6500 to our mortgage. Then we looked into Keller Mortgage. They were transparent, answered our questions quickly and willing to help out with costs. We saved a considerable amount using their program. The buying process was smooth from start to finish.”

Boost Your Buying Power

Adding thousands of dollars in fees to your mortgage lowers your buying power. In contrast, keeping that money in your pocket means you can now use it to raise your purchase price.

Shop new & reduced price homes
Southeast Michigan Homes 4 Sale

This is valuable when competing against another buyer for the same property. Also, not having those fees in your mortgage will be reflected in your mortgage payments. It’s certainly a win-win. Why pay banks thousands of dollars in extra fees when you don’t have to?

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